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Bixer provides high quality media services. We are dedicated to delivering eye catching moments that deserve to be captured and relived. 

When creating, be it photos or videos, we want our craft to reflect your personality. Furthermore, we believe everyone have unique, stellar, and amazing personalities and those are specifically what we aim to bring out when we capture your special moments. -


There's never a dull moment with us. We ensure all communications are established before-hand so we are aware of your do and don'ts, pet-peeve so we don't step on any toes and continue to make your day one to travel in the past for. 

We love getting to know new people, learning new things and experience new cultures. There's always something exciting to learn about another individual as we all have a different journey in life and there is something exciting about that.

Each and every film we create are different in their own unique way. We want our films to reflect your personality. All we want to capture is who you truly are while you embody that love, joy and companionship towards one another.

Furthermore, We love creating wonderful memories that will never rest and forever live on. We believe there is something particularly great about skipping time to travel back to the past and reviewing all those special moments. 

Oh! P.S, we also join on in the party at the closing of the reception. I mean, work hard and have fun right?....

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